Standard HDD Drill Bit

Vermeer® Compatible Bits

Size Type Bolt Pattern
3" Standard Small
3-1/2" Standard Small
4-1/2" Standard Small
5" Standard Small

Size Type Bolt Pattern
4-1/2" Standard Large
5" Standard Large
5-1/2" Standard Large
6" Standard Large

Ditch Witch® Compatible Bits

Size Type Bolt Pattern
3" Standard 5 Bolt
3-1/2" Standard 5 Bolt
4" Standard 5 Bolt
4-1/2" Standard 5 Bolt
5" Standard 5 Bolt

Size Type Bolt Pattern
5" Standard 6 Bolt
5-1/2" Standard 6 Bolt
6" Standard 6 Bolt

Universal HDD believes the specifications on this web ste to be correct at the time of publishing. However, specifications, standard equipment, options and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Some equipment may be unavailable when your machine is built. Please ask your adviser for list concerning current availability of standard and optional equipment and tooling, and verify that your machine will include the equipment you ordered. Machines in this brochure are shown with optional equipment. While Universal HDD makes diligent efforts to provide accurate information in this brochure, there is no guarantee or warranty of accuracy. This brochure shall not be used or relied upon as substitute for information that is available from your Universal HDD center. Further information can be obtained from your authorized Universal HDD dealer or