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Manufacturer of custom horizontal directional drills, equipment and tooling.
Manufacturer of custom horizontal directional drills, equipment and tooling.

Our Manufacturing Facility

For Universal HDD the philosophy of creating highest quality equipment and services is not enough. We must continue to push the limits of the industry. In our new home we prove that we have done so since the opening in the year 2006.

The new assembly plant incorporates the latest advances in construction equipment manufacturing as it aims to meet customer needs and expectations. Modern, modular manufacturing allows flexible, demand-orientated equipment production. In close collaboration with well-established service providers, the production process can be dynamically adapted at any time to meet current requirements. Moreover, modular production improves quality as well as reducing costs.

Universal HDD remains to be the leader in design and manufacture of custom horizontal directional drills and equipment. We introduced new line of rigs: UNI 25, UNI 40x55, UNI 250x400, and UNI 500x700. These drills feature the most advanced technology in the industry, while maintaining the simple design, high productivity and reliability. Today, more than ever, we are committed to utilizing every resource, to provide the highest quality products and to push industry's standards.

Custom equipment and solutions.

We’re committed to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. And that starts the moment you set foot at our manufacturing facility or on your dealer’s lot. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, Universal HDD understands your passion for drilling. Even better, we take the time to find out about your needs, explain machine features, and ensure you get the perfect drill and equipment for the jobs you want to tackle.

Why Universal HDD?

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