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Manufacturer of custom horizontal directional drills, equipment and tooling.
Manufacturer of custom horizontal directional drills, equipment and tooling.

ADI 360 VS Vertical/Slant Drill

Quick Specs:


360000 lbs


50000 ft-lb


600 hp

Mud Pump


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Parallelogram Mast System

Parallelogram Mast System

The inclination angle of a ADI 360 VS can be adjusted and articulated to any necessary value using our Parralelogram Mast System. It is built with high-resistance material, capable of supporting considerable stress with reduced weights (and therefore inertial force).

Rod Loader System

Multi-Person Control Station

Multi-Person Control Station

Our Multi-Person Control Sation comes standard on a drilling rig ADI 360 VS. It can comfortably seats up to four people with some leg room to spare. The new air suspension seat gives an increased range of adjustments over previous versions. It dramatically reduces horizontal vibrations, jolts and provides a greater number of operators with the ability to tailor their seating position for a more comfortable working day. The improved climate control system gives you the option to maintain the temperature desired by the operator. Our panoramic windows provide better visibility as well as the overall job site. Better visibility can equal less operator fatigue and more confidence in your work.

Specification, Dimensions and Features:

Dimensions and Weight

Parameters USA Metric
Length 808 inch 2052 cm
Width 130 inch 330 cm
Height 233 inch 592 cm
Weight (w/o drill rods) lbs 0 kg

Engine Specification

Parameters USA Metric
Make and model Turbo Diesel
Fuel Type Diesel
Gross Horsepower 600 hp 447.4 kw
Rated RPM 2100 rpm
EPA Certification Tier IV

Operational Specification

Parameters USA Metric
Thrust 360000 lbs 1601.4 kN
Pullback 360000 lbs 1601.4 kN
Spindle Torque (Low) 25000 ft-lb 33895.5 Nm
Spindle Torque (High) 50000 ft-lb 67791.1 Nm
Rotation Speed (Low) rpm
Rotation Speed (High) rpm
Operating Angle °

Drill Pipe Specification

Parameters USA Metric
ft 0.0 m

Fluid Specification

Parameters USA Metric
Make and model N/A
Flow (*Max) gpm 0.0 lpm
Pressure (*Max) psi 0.0 bar
Fuel Tank 205 gal 776.0 lit
Hydraulic Tank 200 gal 757.1 lit


Feature Available Notes
Strike Alert Yes
Support Lights Yes
Operator's Station Container
Wired Remote Yes Maneuver, load, unload and setup your rig