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Manufacturer of custom horizontal directional drills, equipment and tooling.
Manufacturer of custom horizontal directional drills, equipment and tooling.

UNI 25 Bottom Feed Directional Drill

Quick Specs:


25000 lbs


4000 ft-lb


132 hp

Mud Pump

72.9 gpm

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Specification Sheet

UNI 25

Bigger & Wider Tracks Option

Standard Operator's Station with Canopy Option

Operator's Station 360° View

The New Operator's Cab

The New Operator's Cab

We understand that the most important factor in your drill rig's effectiveness is the performance of its operator. To help make their workday as productive as possible, we've incorporated safety and comfort features into the new operator's cab. The new cab ensures operator comfort with features like climate control, all around visibility, air suspension seat and easy to use controls.

On-Board Mud Pump

On-Board Mud Pump

UNI 25 is eqpuiped with on-board mud pump. The pump is capable of delivering up to 73 gal/min and up to 1000 psi. The rig is also equipped with a Pressure Relief Valve for rod loading and unloading.

Auto Greaser

The auto greasing pump delivers the precise amount of clean lubricant on to a rod thread exactly when required.

Wireles Remote

Wash Gun

Specification, Dimensions and Features:

Dimensions and Weight

Parameters USA Metric
Length 221.7 inch 563 cm
Width 73.3 inch 186 cm
Height 97.7 inch 248 cm
Weight (w/o drill rods) 12000 lbs 5443 kg

Engine Specification

Parameters USA Metric
Make and model Turbo Diesel
Fuel Type Diesel
Gross Horsepower 132 hp 98.4 kw
Rated RPM 2500 rpm
EPA Certification Tier IV

Operational Specification

Parameters USA Metric
Thrust 25000 lbs 111.2 kN
Pullback 25000 lbs 111.2 kN
Spindle Torque (Low) 2000 ft-lb 2711.6 Nm
Spindle Torque (High) 4000 ft-lb 5423.3 Nm
Rotation Speed (Low) 180 rpm
Rotation Speed (High) 90 rpm
Operating Angle 18 °

Drill Pipe Specification

Parameters USA Metric
2.375" FS1 (Vermeer® compatible) 10 ft 3.0 m
Basket Capacity 50 rods

Fluid Specification

Parameters USA Metric
Make and model Kerr KM-3300PT
Flow (*Max) 72.9 gpm 276.3 lpm
Pressure (*Max) 1000 psi 68.9 bar
Fuel Tank 30 gal 113.6 lit
Hydraulic Tank 35 gal 132.5 lit


Feature Available Notes
Automatic Rod Loader Yes
Stake-down System Yes 2 Point Auger System
Strike Alert Yes
Mud Flow Indicator Yes
Support Lights Yes
Auto Rod Greaser Yes
Air Hammer Ready Optional
Umbrella Yes
Locating System Yes On-board remote display
Operator's Station Console
Auto Curve Optional
Wired Remote Yes Maneuver, load, unload and setup your rig
Wireless Remote Optional Control essential functions from safe distance
Wire Line Ready Optional