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Manufacturer of custom horizontal directional drills, equipment and tooling.
Manufacturer of custom horizontal directional drills, equipment and tooling.
Why rely on Universal HDD for rig service and parts

Why rely on Universal HDD for rig service and parts

In today’s fast-paced industry, time is the most important currency on the market. And time spent serving drilling rig service and parts can be one of the most crucial divides between losing business and gaining reputable success.

This means, no matter what happens, having drilling rigs ready for tough jobs wherever and whenever you need them is a top priority.

An essential part of maintaining your rigs is making sure each and every part is working to its fullest potential. With any type of machine, there will always come a day when you need updates.

But taking time for drilling rig services and repairs can be a significant roadblock in your business. And no one wants to stop progress in its tracks because of one small parts issue.

That’s why Universal HDD has everything you need to get your drilling rig back to its highest ability.

Our trustworthy and dedicated staff make sure even the smallest parts are ready to be sent off at a moment’s notice. Being prepared for whatever updates you need is what makes us stand out from the competition.

Top 5 Reasons

Here’s the top five reasons why Universal HDD's drilling rig service and parts is the best in the field:


  1. One of the most frustrating parts of modern life is waiting for a package in the mail. Especially when it’s something you desperately need. We’ve all experienced this waiting. But with the increasing trend for overnight, efficient shipping, it’s the expectation now.
  2. And even when it’s not a necessity, more and more online buyers expect quick turnaround. That’s why 95% of orders Universal HDD receives during the work hours leave that same day.
  3. We make it our mission to eliminate wait times and get your drilling rigs the parts needed for success.
  4. Based on your location, that could be via ground, air, expedited hot shot, or whatever works to get the job done. We understand how crucial it is to get your drills updated and back to their important jobs.
  5. No matter the part, our drilling rig service and parts staff goes above and beyond to reach you, ready to go, the next day. Nothing beats that.


  1. We know your success is our success. That’s why, even after the work day is over, our staff is dedicated to getting your parts shipped and on the road.
  2. Reaching you in record time is one of our goals. Our people are committed even after the daylight runs out. We’ve received orders as late as 10 pm. We’ve even received orders during the holiday break.
  3. Those tricky orders matter though. When your business needs to continue, when your drill needs to finish the job, we want to be there with you until the end. That’s why we are here to help with any drilling rig service and part needs.
  4. Because you can’t always predict when you’ll need updates and repairs in the world of machinery, making sure you have the right tools and partners involved is what matters most.
  5. The flexible and supportive staff of Universal HDD always make sure you won’t be left for weeks on end without a part. We make sure you have everything you need to succeed.


  1. With busy schedules and long to-do lists, hunting for the part you need to update your rig is a headache.
  2. We don’t want you to deal with that. That’s why our most popular parts are kept in our warehouse, ready and available to be sent at a moment’s notice.
  3. We’ve got the space and storage capabilities that many of our competitors simply don’t have. It makes us the most reliable resource, especially when you’re in a pinch to get your drilling rig service and parts.
  4. But what about the parts that aren’t in-house? That’s what friends are for. With our loyal connections, even those parts that we have to order in will arrive with ease and speed.
  5. When the world feels chaotic, it’s a reassurance we always want to offer. Working with Universal HDD, you deserve that peace of mind.


  1. Because of our innovative, robust designs, the amount of parts you will inevitably need is decreased. That’s the good news.
  2. But with any machine, you’ll eventually need to restore or update your rigs.
  3. With more than 25 years of knowledge and experience, our business knows exactly what types of part updates you will need.
  4. That’s why we have the most popular parts at hand. After decades of working in the industry, we understand how important it is to be forward-thinking and problem-solving. It’s what we do best.


  1. One of the most critical components of a well-run business is effective communication. When communication is off, everything else comes crumbling down. We want to make ordering parts as easy and effective as possible.
  2. When time is of the essence, sending a quick photo of the needed part can save you countless amounts of time. Our knowledgeable drilling rig service and parts staff will quickly help find and ship out the problem.
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