Drilling With UNI 36x50 SII and Air Hammer

Drilling With UNI 36x50 SII and Air Hammer

See Universal HDD UNI 36x50 SII in action and drilling with Air Hammer. The combo delivers high frequency and smooth steering, and fast penetration rates.

Air drilling uses air instead of large volumes of drilling mud to power the drill head and to extract the cuttings. Using air instead of drilling mud eliminates the severity of a frac-out.

Running an air hammer requires a minimal amount of rotational torque, not like drilling where high thrust and high torque are required to cut the rock. The benefits of the low torque is that the hammer tends to stay on course and drill a straight hole, which in turn means less time steering to keep the tool on course. For the contractor wanting to be on the cutting edge in the rock drilling industry, this technology is best recommended.

HDD Drill with Air Hammer

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