Digitrak F2 HDD Directional Drilling Locator

DigiTrak F2 HDD Locator

The HDD industry has asked and DCI has delivered once again. The DigiTrak F2 HDD Locator is “just right” and combines Ball-in-the-Box™ technology with rugged jobsite dependability. Using its two powerful frequencies and cable transmitter capabilities, it meets a myriad of jobsite challenges. The F2 receiver’s ease of use and precision make it the preferred locator on thousands of jobsites around the world. When project failure is not an option, the F2 locating system provides the solution. Demo one today to see for yourself.

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Product Description

DigiTrak F2 HDD Locator Features:

DigiTrak F2 HDD Locator Features:
  • Streamlined graphic display and intuitive icon-driven menus simplify operation
  • Both bird’s-eye and side views are shown simultaneously for exceptional accuracy and clarity
  • Two different frequency options
  • Operates at depths up to 85 ft (25.9 m) with 0.1% sensitive pitch without a wire
  • Cable transmitter capability
  • Includes advanced features of off-track locating and Target Steering® to easily and accurately navigate the drill head even when obstacles prevent direct walkover locating
  • Roll offset is available when the 12 o’clock position of the drill head cannot be indexed to the transmitter
  • A 4-channel radio enables multiple F2 locators to be in the same vicinity and work up to distances of 1800 ft (550 m) plus, making it suitable for maxi rigs
  • Supports 12 kHz DucTrak™ transmitters
Digitrak F2 HDD Directional Drilling Locator

Streamlined, uncluttered view.

An icon-driven menu removes language as barrier for global usage.

A bird’s eye view and depth view at the same time for unparalleled accuracy.

Specification and Dimentions

Frequencies12.0 and 19.2 kHz
Power sourceDigiTrak Lithium-ion battery pack
Battery life10–14 hrs (approx.)
Battery charger12 VDC or 110/240 VAC
ControlsTrigger switch
Graphic displayLCD
Audio OutputBeeper
Depth RangeUp to 85 ft (26.9 m)
Telemetry Range1800 ft (550 m)
Telemetry Channels4 channels
CompatibilityF Series™ and DucTrak transmitters
Operating Temperature Range-4 to 140° F (-20 to 60° C)
Accuracy± 5% absolute
Length11.00 inch27.94 cm
Width5.50 inch13.97 cm
Height15.00 inch38.1 cm
Weight7.7 lb3.49 kg

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