HDD Directional Drill Leasing & Financing


The Universal HDD Lease Program provides flexible, attractive terms and reasonable monthly payments on new and pre-owned HDD machine. With preset lease-end residual values, modest monthly payments and minimal initial cash requirements, the Universal HDD Lease Program can be an attractive alternative to a cash purchase or traditional financing.

Minimal Initial Cash Outlay

With the Universal HDD Lease Program, a minimal initial cash outlay will get you the horizontal directional drill you wanted.

Monthly Payments

Monthly lease payments through our Financial Services are often lower than typically available through conventional financing. Payments are based on the difference between your rig’s initial and guaranteed residual value. Therefore, you are only paying for the use of your HDD machine based on its expected depreciation over the lease term, not its entire cost.

Flexible Terms

Convenient lease terms and flexible hours options can be suited to your individual needs. Hours options range from 6 hours per day to the standard 8 hours per dayr. Selecting a lower hour option may also serve to reduce your monthly payment even more. If you require more than the standard 8 hours per day, you can purchase additional hours upfront.

Single Payment Lease

The Single Payment Lease is an additional alternative to an outright cash purchase. Through this option, you make a one-time payment for the full lease amount, which is generally less than the sum of the payments in a conventional lease. This gives you the flexibility of keeping the cash you would have used in an outright purchase while retaining your end-of-term options.

Tax Benefits

Leasing may provide substantial tax benefits. Consult your tax professional for specific details.

End-of-Term Alternatives

Once your lease has run its course, our highly skilled Financial Advisors will work with you to determine which end-of-term alternative** is best for you:

Purchase the HDD machine for the predetermined amount listed in your lease agreement. You retain any equity that may exist.

Keep the HDD machine and, with approved credit, finance the predetermined amount with our Financial Services or release it for another term.

Return the HDD machine within allowable mileage and normal wear and usage requirements, pay a small disposition fee and close your account.

For complete details regarding your end-of-term alternatives, contact our Financial Advisers.

**Alternative specifics depend upon your state’s laws and the terms of your lease agreement.